Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Looking to the Lord for Provision, Vindication, Justice... & the Faith to Look to Him (Family Worship in 1Sam25)

How can we look to the Lord for provision and vindication, when everything seems to be going against us? Pastor leads his family in today’s “Hopewell @Home” passage. In these forty-four verses, we learn that even when the Lord has graciously spared us in previous temptation, we must be watchful against the next temptation. We already know that He provides, He vindicates, and He avenges. But, we don’t have it in us to rest upon and respond to those things. God Himself, however, graciously spares us. This is what He did for David, who had spared Saul, but was about to avenge himself upon Nabal. The LORD graciously sends Abigail to remind David of the truth to which he needs to cling, sparing David (again!) from committing the sin of avenging himself.

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