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Read 1 Kings 5

Questions from the Scripture text: Who sent what/whom to whom (1 Kings 5:1a)? Why—what had he heard, and why did this matter to him (verse 1b)? How did Solomon respond (1 Kings 5:2)? What couldn’t David do (1 Kings 5:3a)? Why (verse 3b)? What has Who done now (1 Kings 5:4)? What does Solomon propose (1 Kings 5:5a)? Why (verse 5b)? What does Solomon want (1 Kings 5:6a)? What will he give (verse 6b)? How does he convince (verse 6c)? How does Hiram react to hearing this (1 Kings 5:7)? What will he do (1 Kings 5:8)? How (1 Kings 5:9a)? What does he want (verse 9b)? How does this end up (1 Kings 5:10)? What does Solomon give to him (1 Kings 5:11)? How does 1 Kings 5:12a summarize this interaction? With what result (verse 12b)? What did Solomon raise from whom (1 Kings 5:13a)? How many (verse 13b)? In what rotation (1 Kings 5:14a)? Under whom (verse 14b, cf. 1 Kings 12:18)? How many else did what (1 Kings 5:15-17)? What was the end result of all this (1 Kings 5:18)?

We’re still hearing about how Yahweh fulfilled His promise (1 Kings 5:12), but now it’s in fulfillment of another promise (1 Kings 5:5b): the building of the temple. God’s promise-fulfilling providence stretches back into David’s reign and a delighted alliance with Hiram (1 Kings 5:1). It was such a happy alliance that Hiram is exuberantly happy for it to continue (1 Kings 5:7).

Once the arrangements are made, the rest of the chapter basically covers the intricate, monumental effort that goes into… laying the foundation (1 Kings 5:17) and preparing timber and stones (1 Kings 5:18).

There is, of course, a forward-looking aspect to all of this. The New Testament calls Christ the foundation of the eternal temple (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:11), and the chief cornerstone of the foundation that is the apostles and prophets (cf. Ephesians 3:20–22). And believers are described as living stones (cf. 1 Peter 2:4–6).

The wisdom that goes into Solomon’s temple, and the preciousness and magnificence of the materials, all point forward to the glory of Christ in the building of His church. It teaches us to see that glory in the church and to treasure His church as a display of His glory.

Christ Himself—God incarnate!—is the chief cornerstone. The Spirit-inspired apostles and prophets are its foundation. And each stone is grace-purchased and then grace-formed until it is perfectly conformed to His glory. True, we see them (and the church) now in unfinished form. But should we dwell upon that which is lacking? Instead, let us rejoice in the wisdom of the great King and say with Hiram, “Blessed be Yahweh this day, for He has given David a wise Son!”

What can you remind yourself of, about the church, when you are unimpressed or offended or weary in it?

Sample prayer:  Lord, truly Your providence in the building of Solomon’s temple was marvelous. But, how much more marvelous is Your work in building the church of Jesus Christ! Forgive us for how unimpressed we tend to be with it—and often even unwilling to live forgivingly and peacefully in it or to lay our lives out in serving it. Grant that by Your Spirit, we might be willing workers, as we delight in the coming perfection of Christ’s church, which we ask in His Name, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP122 “I Was Filled” or TPH404 “The Church’s One Foundation”

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