Sunday, June 16, 2024

2024.06.16 Lord's Day Live Streams [Live at 10:10a, 11a, 3p]

Click below for the:
June 16 Lord's Day Worship Booklet
Synod Recaps for Sabbath School
Matthew 9:14–17 Sermon Outline
p.m. song selections & Numbers 15:1–21 Sermon
We urge you to assemble physically, if possible, with a true congregation of Christ's church. For those of our own congregation who may be providentially hindered, we are grateful to be able to provide this service.

Each week we LIVESTREAM the Lord's Day (Sabbath School, Morning Public Worship, and p.m. Singing and Sermon) and Midweek Meeting (sermon and prayer). For notifications when Hopewell is streaming live, install the CHURCHONE APP on your [Apple], [Android], or [Kindle] device, and enter hopewellarp for your broadcaster

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