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Read Romans 15:23–28

Questions from the Scripture text: What doesn’t Paul have left (Romans 15:23)? What does he have? How long has he had it? What is he planning to do (Romans 15:24)? What will he do then? What will he do there? What will they do for him? After what? Where is he headed, as he writes this letter (Romans 15:25)? To do what? Who had been pleased (Romans 15:26)? To do what? For whom? Why did it please them—of what had the Gentiles been partakers (Romans 15:27)? Now what was their duty? How does Paul see the task of making sure the gift gets there (Romans 15:28)? What will he do next?

Why does Paul want to come to Rome? Romans 15:23–28 looks forward to the midweek sermon text. In these six verses of Holy Scripture, the Holy Spirit teaches us that Paul wants to go to Rome in order to bear spiritual fruit. 

Paul’s love for Christ means that he wishes for Christ’s labor to bear fruit in all for whom He died. This was the point of his ministry, bearing Christ’s own fruit (cf. Romans 15:21; cp. Isaiah 52:15) as an apostle. So the Jewish Christians had borne spiritual fruit unto the nations through him (Romans 15:27, cf. Romans 11:11–36). And now the Macedonian and Achaian Christians had borne spiritual fruit in a material gift to their Jewish brethren (Romans 15:26Romans 15:28a). And Paul hopes that the Roman Christians will bear spiritual fruit unto him, and unto Spain through him (Romans 15:24Romans 15:28), just as he hopes to bear spiritual fruit among them (cf. Romans 15:29). Those who truly love Christ love for Christians (both themselves and others) to bear fruit unto Christ’s glory!

In what ways are you showing a love for bearing fruit unto Christ’s glory, and for others to bear fruit unto His glory?

Sample prayer:  Lord, thank You for giving us Christ. By His Spirit, grant that we would bear fruit unto His glory, AMEN!

Suggested songs: ARP72C “May Waving Grain on Hilltops Thrive” or TPH406 “Jesus, with Thy Church Abide”

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